BACKPEDAL: Bragging rights for winner at Wells

1920 May 28 Source Kent & Sussex Courier Cyclists B Bragg; FW Gurr Venue Nevill Athletic Ground Meeting Tunbridge Wells Amateur Athletic Sports Meeting Date 1920 May 23 Races Half-Mile Cycle Handicap; Mile Cycle Handicap; Mile Cycle Scratch Race Result B Bragg wins 3 events, FW Gurr knocked out in heat

Worth reading cutting just for the phrase: “The men’s pillow fights were productive of some hard hitting”

Basil Bragg

Suspended during the war, the Tunbridge Wells Amateur Athletic Sports, were revived on Whit-Monday, the venue being the Nevill Athletic Ground. Glorious weather favoured the event, the sun shining from a cloudless sky, and a big holiday crowd attended the meeting, the sloping bank being a rendezvous for many. The pavilions and enclosure were also well patronised.

The outstanding feature of the sports was the fine riding by B Bragg of the Balham Cycling Club, who won all the cycling events, viz., the mile handicap, the mile scratch, and the half-mile handicap. He displayed fine judgement and proved a great favourite with the crowd. His future career will be watched with great interest in the cycling world. There was a most exciting finish to the final of the one-mile scratch, three of the racers being HH Lee, SH Wale and CA Alden, well known Kentish Wheelers. Many favoured the chances of Lee, who was leading in the last lap. With the winning post in sight there was rare-fight for supremacy between Lee and Bragg, with Alden also making a bid for first position. Bragg, putting forth his best efforts, succeeded in winning the race, less than half a wheel separating him from Lee. It was a capital termination to a splendid day’s sport.

The men’s pillow fights were productive of some hard hitting. By warding off blows with their heads the finalists retained their positions for a considerable time but had the judges made them put one hand behind their back the decision would not have been so long delayed.

Half-Mile Cycle Handicap

Heat 3 1 B Bragg, Balham CC, 65 yards; 2 FW Gurr, Balham CC, 95 yards; Time 1min 13 3/4 secs

Final 1 B Bragg; 2 SH Wale, Kentish Wheelers; 3 A Taylor, Sutton CC; Time 1min 10secs

Mile Cycle Handicap

Heat 1 1 B Bragg, 125 yards; 2 JW Richardson, Sutton CC, 170 yards; Time 2mins 32secs

Final 1 B Bragg 2 A Taylor 3 JW Richardson

Mile Cycle Scratch Race

Heat 1 1 and lap prize B Bragg; 2 RH Clarke Polytechnic CC; Time 2mins 45secs

Final 1 and lap prize B Bragg; 2 HH Lee, Kentish Wheelers; 3 CA Alden, Kentish Wheelers; Time 2mins 45secs

Nevill Cricket and Athletic Ground (top left). Picture taken in 1930


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