MEMORABILIA: Medals of MP Tyler for Balham ’25’ and Balham ’50’


Medal awarded to MP Tyler for the 1934 Balham ’25’ and Balham ’50’ races

Pictured are two Balham Cycling Club medals belonging to MP Tyler. The shiny one is hall marked silver enamel and was awarded in 1934 for his efforts in the ‘25’. The time was 1.10.0 which is too quick for it to be for the famous Balham Rough Stuff ’25’. It is more likely to be for a time trial. The second medal is made of base metal and enamel and was awarded for the’50’. Clocking in at 2.38.50, this  was again, most likely to be a Balham CC run time trial but for the longer distance of 50 miles.

Little is known of Mr. Tyler  but the medals were part of a larger collection for football, cricket and swimming that span across many years.

For more on the design of the medals go here.

Further Information

Do you have any information on the Balham Rough Stuff ‘25’ or ‘50’ or Mr Tyler? Email me at, drop me a line in the box below or add a comment on the BBC Facebook page. I would love to hear from you.


With thanks to the Ian Middleton at Maddison’s for the pics and info

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