MEMORABILIA: ‘Balham 100’ race medal made in 1931

The club has just acquired a medal for its collection. The medal was given to RA Raxworthy for his efforts in the 1931 Balham 100. In pristine condition, the mark reveals it is sterling silver and made in Birmingham in 1931 (Anchor, Lion, Letter G). The maker D&D is currently unidentified. The medal has a familiar design for Balham CC races of the period with a number of features we first examined here

Looking at the results from other years 5hrs 25mins 2sec puts him approximately 15 minutes outside the Top 10.

Balham 100 medal of RA Raxworthy
The mark on the right shows an anchor, a lion and the letter G

Your Help

Have you or any family members got any club memorabilia from the Balham years? Can you shed any further light on RA Raxworthy? Email me at or drop me a line in the comments box. I would love to hear from you.


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