MEMORABILIA: 1932 Poster for “London’s most thrilling race of the season”

We’ve just got our hands on an original 86-year-old poster for a famous track meet promoted by Balham CC.

The poster is advertising an evening’s racing at the Herne Hill Track which includes the top of the bill NCU (London Centre) 25 mile Tandem Paced Championship – billed as London’s most thrilling race of the season – the Open One-Mile Tandem Championship and the Balham CC Club Handicap and Club Championship.


In 1925 the club launched the 25 miles Tandem-Paced event, which was soon officially recognised and became the NCU (London Centre) 25 miles Tandem Paced Championship, hosted at Herne Hill for many years.

Frank Southall is advertised the current holder of the top of the bill race. He also won in 1929 as the photo of another piece of BCC history can testify (see below)

South London’s iconic 1948 Olympic venue has a strong connection with Balham CC with club members wearing the famous red, white and black on the track in the 1920s until the 1950s.

Your Help

Have you or any family members got any club memorabilia from the Balham years? Email me at or drop me a line in the comments box. I would love to hear from you.


Big thanks to Nick Wright for donating the poster (we’ve actually been given three of them).


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