MEMORABILIA: Club medals, badge and photos from 1924/5

These are the club standard medals and club pin badge of S Howells. The medals are for the following club standard times and distances:

Silver Medal standards

  • 1924 176 ¼ miles in 12hrs
  • 1925 179 miles in 12hrs

Bronze medals standards

  • 1925 25 miles in 1hr 14mins 0 1/5secs
  • 1925 50 miles in 2hrs 41mins 10secs
  • 1925 100 miles in 5hrs 53mins 3 4/5secs


Michael, his son, got in touch to share this marvellous collection. He told us: “My father was born in 1905 so would have been nineteen in his first year with the club. I remember him telling me that his bike was a Grubbe; it had split cane wheel rims, to save weight, and was single geared and fixed wheeled. He said that fashion of the day was to ride without mudguards, something that, with hindsight, he regretted, as a wet gritty saddle is never pleasant.”

 S Howells gives an unknown rider a push c1924/5
Balham CC at the Sun Inn, Alconbury, 1925.

Also included in the memorabilia are two photographs. In the first picture S Howells is giving an unknown rider a push. The caption on the second photo reads: “SUN INN ALCONBURY 1925”.

Most of the group seem to be wearing lapel badges which look very like BCC badges.

Michael told us “My father is second from right on the middle row. At 6’2″ he was considerably taller than most of his contemporaries.”

Your Help

Do you have any memorabilia or stories associated with with Balham CC? Email me at or drop me a line in the comments box, I would love to hear from you.


Big thanks to Michael Howells for sharing

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