Balham CC and Bella Velo get together for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Balham Cycling Club joined forces with Bella Velo Cycling Club today for a 100km ride as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

90 of us hit the road, raising money for One More City the chosen charity of Maureen Kenny, a member of both Bella Velo and Balham CC.


One in eight women in the UK – and some men – will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Of those, some will go on to develop secondary breast cancer, which while treatable is ultimately not curable. Sadly Maureen is one of this group.

One More City is an annual cycling campaign during Breast Cancer awareness month (October) that moves from city to city, starting from where the previous year’s ride has finished. It’s focused on raising funds for research into secondary breast cancer, a disease that killed nearly 12,000 women in 2016 in the UK alone.

Members of both clubs rode out together in different speed groups before meeting up in La Ciclista at East Sheen for coffee and cake.

Bike Ridden. Coffee drunk. New friends made. Money raised. And the sun came out!

Further Information

If you would like to donate to One More City go to the JustGiving page

Maureen writes a blog on breast cancer called I am the One In Eight

More information on breast cancer awareness month can be found here

ADDENDUM 3 November 2019

We heard to day that our efforts played a small part in OneMoreCity Cycling Fundraising Project hitting its £80k target. A PhD student will start this year in the Imperial College Lab to research secondary breast cancer

More pics





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