MEMORABILIA: 25 miles Standard medal made by the Purley Ping Pong guy

We’ve got our hands on a Standard medal. Given to Arthur Hart for his quickest time over 25miles in 1957, it looks like 1hr 8mins 58 seconds earned him a gold although it could be bronze (that’s attainment level rather than precious metal sadly!)

Our records are incomplete, but we know Arthur was on the Balham CC committee in the mid-50s. We also know he won the Votier Memorial Cup in 1957, given to the rider who rode the longest distance in 24 hours that year.

Details on what’s on a Balham CC medal are covered in an earlier article.


The medal was found stuck to a compliment slip from ADB (London Ltd). The company was set up in 1946 by Alec Brook, an English Table Tennis player who won a Team Bronze medal at the 1933 World Table Tennis Championships. It specialised in company and club merchandise including ties and trophies. Coming from Purley he was Chair of the Croydon Area of the Institute of Directors.

The company had Maggie Thatcher as a customer. Presumably she was in the business of purchasing official attire rather than cycling medals.


With thanks to Clayton Francis who found the medal in a loft clearance!

Info on Alec Brook from The Table Tennis Guide and Table Tennis News 

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