BCC members take on summer challenges in extraordinary times

BCC_SUM_CHAL_EMAILWith restrictions on group club rides during the COVID-19 pandemic we launched the BCC Summer Challenge. Riding solo, as a household or with BCC buddies*, over the last three months members embraced three challenges:

In June we took on THE LONGEST DAY. 20th June was the longest day of the year promising 16.38 hours of daylight – the perfect opportunity to take on an epic ride. Members took on the challenge of completing their longest ride of the year yet. Plenty of 70/80 mile were notched up as well as a few 100 milers!

In July we took on JOIN THE DOTS. Usually at this time we would be glued watching The Tour de France, in awe of the dramatic mountain stages. The challenge was to climb 2000m in a single ride (the Joining The Dots name taking inspiration from the TdF polka dot jersey awarded to the King of the Mountains). Check out our instagram pages for photos of some stunning scenery juxtaposed with broken and exhausted BCC men and women!

Our final challenge was the #BCCSTAYCATION CENTURY. Members set out to see how many ‘european’ places they could visit in a 100kms or 100mile ride in our home counties. Twin towns, places, street names were all game on. A special mention to Tom who clocked up 141 miles by doing a London Orbital route of his own plotting!


Check out our instagram page for the best pics from the summer challenges

All great fun but hopefully we’ll be out on club rides soon

Further information

*under whatever the guidance/rules/laws were on numbers and distancing at the time

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