Balham CC enter E-race for first time

Balham CC hit a significant milestone yesterday (Saturday, 30 January 2021), entering a team in an E-race for the first time in its 124-year history.

James King, James Buchanan, Andy Shearer, Seamus Kelly, Howard Price and Joe Goodall represented BCC at the London Lockdown E-Series Zwift challenge. Organised by four London cycling clubs, it was the first of four spring races aimed at club riders to help keep the legs turning and motivation up in Lockdown 3. It also raised funds for 4 local charities.

680 competitors were on the start line of the Casse-Pattes course in South Province, New Caledonia. The virtual lung buster consisted of three laps in all for a total of 70km and 463m of climbing. 

The racing was shown live on YouTube and a few BCC’ers logged on with over 2,000 others to watch the virtual action. The Club WhatsApp message board was also accessible to the BCC team to soak up the …erm encouragement.

With it raining all day and 1 degree Celsius without any wind chill it was a good day to go digital and make club history although indoor racing can get a bit too hot as the before and after photos bring into sharp focus.

Results and lowdown

James Buchanan Category – B Position – 115/245 Time – 1:43:09

“Put alot into it but don’t quite have the technique for e-racing. Cornering and sprinting are my strong points in physical races, the former being particularly useless on a static trainer. Need to get to grips with e-race drafting and technique to be at the sprint at the end…or at least closer to Rich!”

Howard Price Category – B Position – 170/245 Time – 1:45:52

“The racing, and with other Balham rider, and for such a good cause, made it much more enjoyable than a standard zwift outing. Need to work on my tactics, played my last boost too soon in a mini race for the finish line, and fancy a few more climbs!”

James King  Category – C Position – 51/138  Time – 1:14:40

“Pretty tough going, missed the main group at the start and then got dropped by the second group when I missed the sprint on the second lap. A lot to learn!”

Andy Shearer Category – C Position – 107/138 Time – 1:20:48

“Crazy start learnt by the second lap the necessity of drafting! Loved smashing up the final hill to pass someone id been riding with before!”

Joe Goodall Category – C Position – 117/138 Time – 1:22:04

“I really enjoyed it and think I did as well as I hoped I could. I was happy with my power overall. Recovery from big surges was difficult but a good pointer for targeted workouts in the future. Average power was 207W which is bang on my power curve for 80mins!”

Seamus Kelly Category – B DNF

“Technical issues saw to me after 50K, but the enforced rest should free me up to go in the break and look for stage wins later in the series!”

Richard Jefferies Category – B Position – 37/245 Time – 1:38:02

Richard ‘2 clubs’ Jefferies also rode but for London Dynamo rather than Balham CC (we’ll let him off though)

 “Thought I was going to die at the start trying to hold on, then it was just trying to stay in the draft as much as possible and making sure something was left for the short climbs! New 90 min hr PB (sick face emoji)”

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