Balham CC supports Wheels For Wellbeing ‘Sponsor A Cycle’ Scheme

Balham CC has sponsored a bike as part of Wheels For Wellbeing ‘sponsor a cycle’ scheme.

Wheels for Wellbeing are a local charity that in their own words, ‘Exist to enhance disabled people’s lives by ensuring that anyone can access the physical, emotional, practical and social benefits of cycling.’

Meeting this mission can be costly. The machines are expensive to buy and maintenance isn’t cheap – specialist cycles require specialist parts!

With this in mind Wheels For Wellbeing launched its brand-new ‘sponsor a cycle’ scheme and we’re proud to say we’re the schemes first sponsor.

Welcome then to Huntley, a tandem trike named after our founder George Huntley. We hope ‘he’ becomes a well-loved member of the Wheels for Wellbeing peloton.

Further Information

Head for the Wheels for Wellbeing website of more information on what they do. You can also follow them on social media

More information on our partnership with WfW can be found on the WfW website.

Check out the Balham CC Heritage blog for more information on George Huntley

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