BCC launches 200km club Audax

We’ve introduced The Belleville Rendezvous, our first ever Audax!

For the uninitiated an Audax ride – known internationally as a Randonnée – is a cycle ride that has to be completed within a set time limit, including any stops to eat or rest. In most cases, riders have to maintain a minimum speed and maximum speed.

It’s not a race and individual riders’ times are not published; if you finish within the time limit, you’ve succeeded. And an Audax measures total time unlike most Strava rides, which measure your moving time average.

Think 200kms is a long way? It’s traditionally the benchmark starting distance!

Three groups set off from Gails on Balham High Road out into West Sussex and back. In keeping with the Audax tradition there were controls along the route, our modern version includes two visual controls and one manned control.

Riders completed the Belleville Rendezvous at as the name suggests…the Belleville Taproom, for a well-earned beverage.

Chapeau to the finishers and well done to the BCC volunteers who organised and helped with the logistics of the event!

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