One photo. That’s all we’ve got to go on.

One photo plucked from a plethora of family photos and mementoes found in a battered old suitcase.

It’s Great Uncle Harry Darby resplendant in his cycling garb.

IMG_1511Look hard enough and you can just make out the name of a club. The badge stitched into the jersey and the pin badge on the jacket both say Balham Cycling Club.

So, what was this club, when did it run and who was in it? What was the cycling scene like in South London? What was Balham like in this period? Actually, what period is this?

This blog is dedicated to finding out. And then we’re gonna relaunch it!

ADDENDUM (January 2017)

We’ve only gone and relaunched it

ADDENDUM (December 2017)

If 2016 was the year of thumbing through vintage cycling annuals and resurrecting the Balham CC story, then 2017 was the year a niche cycling blog morphed into a cycling club. Here’s our year in review


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi

    there are a few of us left, i.e. Balham CC members. We folded the club after the centenary celebrations in May 1997. We still ride together and occasionally in BCC shirts

    I am pleased that you are putting effort into reviving a once great South London cycling club but some effort should have been made to contact us as we have a wealth of info, stories, memorabilia, cups and trophies between us.

    It might be worth having a conversation to that end.


    Clayton Francis


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