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Photo of Harry Darby from between 1907 and 1914.


Photo of Balham Cycling Club in 1913 includes former secretary Wally Perotte (5th from left second row), Bert Perotte (4th from right second row) and Harry Cusden (centre second row). Wally and Bert would have been 27 and 19-years-old when the photo was taken


Photo of Balham CC member and 1 hour motor-paced world record holder Albert Wills. Date and source currently unknown


Balham CC and Belle Vue CC at the Inter-Club Running Race, 1921. Photo probably taken around the lanes of Epsom Common or on Epsom Downs


Balham CC at the 1922 World Trials


Photo of member S Howells pushing an unknown rider c1925


Balham CC at the Sun Inn, Alconbury 1925


The photo above shows Ken Figg finishing the 1931 Westerley Road Club 100 in Pangbourne Lane, Theale, Berkshire where he set a club record of 4.55.40.

Balham Cycling Club 1936


1937 Ken Smith with his Freddy Grubb bike sporting an Osgear triple gear.


1937 Ken Smith on the North Downs riding a track bike, in touring clothing and wearing a large, heavy continental sweater.


1937 Bob Rance and Ken Denton, resting on a trip across central Wales


Hanging in Ramsden Road, Balham early 1939. From Left to right: Ken Smith, Jimmy Church, Unknown, Doug Gerrard, Jack Osborne, Reg Gamble


1939 Back Row: Steve Smith, Unknown, Unknown, ‘Spindle Meredith’, Tobot?, Dixon; Front Row: Doug Gerrard, Unknown, Ken Smith, Bob Rance and George Murray


21 May  1939 Ken Smith at the Thornton CC 50


25 June 1939: Ken Smith finishing the Oxford City Road Club Open 50 Miles Unpaced Handicap


Exact date unknown but between 1938-1947. Arthur Attwood in full flow


Balham Cycling Club members outside one of the club’s favourite ‘elevenses’ stops, Mrs Curd’s in Godstone. Photograph taken 19 November 1939.

From left to right: ‘Underground’ Johnny (a nickname derived from his job rather than any gangster connections); Bob Davey (President and member going back to 1917); Tom Cross who lived in Lessingham Ave, Tooting; Jimmy Church; Frank Bartholomew; Former Assistant Secretary Bill Shore who died in 1941; Len Shanley; Arthur Utting; Jack Osborne; rider hidden unidentified; pipe smoker unidentified; Ken Smith; Steve Smith; Stan Rowe; rider unidentified; Jack ‘Spindle’ Meredith; and seated holding pipe Arthur Attwood.

cropped-img_7499001-21.jpgThe Club Jubilee Prize Presentation and Gala Dance at The Express Rooms in Clapham. In the foreground ‘Underground’ Johnny; centre of pic turning to the camera is Jack Osborne. All others as yet unidentified. Photo taken 18th January 1947.


Same event. The Club Jubilee Prize Presentation and Gala Dance at The Express Rooms in Clapham, 18 January 1947.

SimcockCherryTreeJohn Simcock cycling in the Southern Counties Cycling Union 25 mile race on the Cherry Tree Course. Date 20th March 1949

img_3748Balham CC members from left to right: Tom Hill, Fred Hatch, Don Sweetland and Bob Rance, on Earlswood Common where the 25 mile Cherry Tree course finished.

clubdinner1948Club men, wives, girlfriends and friends at The Express Rooms for the 1948 club dinner*. Joan Brown (4th from right eyes closed!), her father Ernie (3rd from right), Jack Osborne (centre) with his arm around his wife. Jack was the first club man to break an hour for 25miles. Also pictured on Joan’s right shoulder is Wally Fluke who was Manager at Claud Butler’s shop in Lewisham.

roughstuffsnowPhotograph taken at the end of a chilly Balham Rough Riders 25 mile race, February 1948*, probably on Farleigh Common. Centre front in the cape is Charle Press. All others as yet unidentified.

4clubmenhernehillFrom left to right: John Simcock (on a Holdsworth bike which he still owns!), Jack Osborne, Eric Purton and Ron Oughton. Photo taken at the Herne Hill track in front of the stand. Exact date unknown but between 1947-1951.

clubrunisleofwightJohn Simcock (centre) and other club members on a club run. John suspects this was a three day club run to the Isle of Wight. Date and names of others in photo unknown.

jackosbornehandebottleJack Osborne in an Open 50 Mile Race being assisted by John Simcock (with bottle). Tom Hill looks on. Whereabouts and exact date unknown – circa 1948

clubruntatsfieldBalham CC outside The Bull in Tatsfield, Kent after a hill climb that kicked off the season (note heavy gear). Riders identified: Ninth on right is Club Runs Captain Terry Lee; next to him on the right Tom Turner and next to him leaning forward Tom Hill. Jimmy Church (left) and Bob Rance (right) are the two bald gentlemen crouched at the front. John Simcock is at the front standing with his arm around a fellow rider.

claphamdinner4clubmenMine’s a half! 1949 Club Dinner from left to right: Unidentified, Tom Hill, John Simcock and (possibly) Eric Purton.

kensmith100Balham CC member, Ken Smith. Photo taken by Wally Watson of Leamington Spa C&AC at the LCAC 100miles open time trial on Sunday, 24 August 1947

kensmithcherrytreeKen Smith one mile from the finish of the Cherry Tree Course. This is the SCCU 25mile Handicap and Team Event on 7 March 1948. Ken finished 16th out of 150 entrants.


kensmithbrrAn extract from former member Ken Smith’s scrapbook, in his own words: “The above [was] taken during the Rough Riders 25 on 29 February 1948. A cold, wintery day with plenty of snow around, especially in the valleys and around Tatsfield.”

The first photo is at the top of Titsey Hill, the second shows Ken descending Flinthouse.

“I managed to get to the bottom without coming off, which was quite a feat as the lane was covered in snow and ice”


Ken Smith finishing second in the SCCU 2nd Class Handicap, April 18, 1948.


Photo of Ken Smith – Date and Place Unknown – 1949.


Redhill CC Third Annual 50 mile Handicap and team event September 4, 1949 Photo of Ken Smith taken during the last few miles .

kensmithbuttcupKen Smith receiving the Sir Alfred Butt Cup for the most points in club events 1950.

AlfBoothBRS521952: Alf Booth with about 3 miles to go in the Rough Riders 25

Catford 24hour 1952:  Fred Smith drives the small Fiat. Ken Smith sat in the passenger seat surrounded by food, stove, bike spares, clothing, tools and all round necessities to keep Bob Rance going. They raced around, in and out of the circuits, meeting him on the road and during the last 50 miles or so, feeding him every 10 miles; Frank Jones was on his motor-cycle and sidecar looking after Charlie Press who did 408 miles; Charlie sits on the grass after finishing. Far left is Don Sweetland; Bob Rance, Unknown, Fred Smith, Jimmy Church, Frank Syred at finish; Fred adjusts Bob’s toe straps at one of the many stops during the event.

EarlswoodPub1953At the ‘Railway’ Earlswood – 1953. Jimmy Church in centre with pipe

HillClimb1953GroupCatford Hill Climb 1953

Chiddingstone, Kent in 1954. A club ride after a 25 mile time trial. Mike Pink second row (holding stone), third row with back to wall is Albert Rowley, second from left and front row on right are Alf Booth and Len Cole. All others not identified.

Ian ‘Nuno’ Franklin in 1967 at a 25 mile TT on the Portsmouth Road


Ian ‘Nuno’ Franklin at the West Suffolk Wheelers 12 Hour Competition September 1968. Photo taken about 160miles in of a total of 239. Earliest colour photo we have


Ian ‘Nuno’ Franklin on Christmas Day (!) 1967* at the Ealing Manor CC 25mile TT

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