The Trophy Cabinet


Balham CC has a fantastic collection of club trophies. What it doesn’t have is a place to put this stunning silverware on show. So we’ve built a virtual trophy cabinet so you can appreciate the history and craftsmanship at your leisure.

AJ Gilry pictured in late 1923 or 1924 with the Huntley Cup (far left), The Club 12hr Championship Cup (below his right elbow) and Murrell Cup (bottom right).

12 Hours Championship Cup

Presented to the club by: Harry F Cusden Esq Awarded for: Longest distance in 12 hours Years awarded: 1914 to 1928 excluding war years Year Made: 1913 Maker: Daniel & Arter, Birmingham Further info: Full article here. Harry Cusden was a club president. Trophy was awarded only 10 times, in 1920 to Basil Bragg

Sir Alfred Butt Cup

Presented to the club by: Sir Alfred Butt Awarded to: The Aggregate Road Champion (3 distances 25, 50, 100 miles) Years awarded: 1922 to 1971 (excluding 1939-1946, 1955,57,58) Year Made: 1921 Maker: Jay, Richard Attenborough & Co Ltd Further info: Full article here. Sir Alfred Butt was a theatre impresario, horse race owner and breeder. The Local MP for Balham & Tooting 1922-1936, he was knighted for services to The Ministry of Food in WW1 and work for war charities. He was forced to resign from the Commons after a financial scandal

The Huntley Cup

Presented to the club by: George R Huntley Esq. President in 1914 Awarded to: The member scoring highest number of points in road and track events Years awarded: 1914 to 1985 Year Made: XX Maker: XX

The EH Stevens Cup

Presented to the club by: EH Stevens Awarded to: Rider for fastest 50 Miles on any course Years awarded: 1927 to 1981 exc. 1939-46 Year Made: 19XX Maker: XX

The Bill Shore Memorial Trophy

Presented to the club by: Club collection Awarded to: The club champion Years awarded: 1947 to 1979 Year Made: 1946 Maker: Unknown, London based Further info: Standalone article here


Murrell Cup

Presented to the club by: HE Murrell Awarded to: The 50 mile road champion Years awarded: 1913 to 1936 (excluding 1915-1919) Year Made: 1910-11 Maker: GMJ George Maudsley Jackson

Re-Presented to the club by: C Melhuish Awarded to: Road Race champion Years awarded: 1957-1978 (excluding 1962)

Members Cup

Awarded to: The 50 Mile Club Course Champion Years awarded: 1937 to 1980 (excluding 1939-1946) Year Made: 1937 Maker: William Comyns & Sons Ltd (Richard Comyns)Further Info: Here


Dave Turner Trophy

Presented to the club by: XX Awarded to: The Track Ride of the Year Years awarded: 1947 to 1976 exc. 56-59, 61-63, 65,66, 71-74 Year Made: XX Maker: XX

Open 25 Veterans Cup

Presented to the club by: Oval CC Awarded for: Open 25 Veterans Years awarded: 1932 to XX Year Made: 1932 Maker: Denton & Down, London Further info: