MEMORABILIA: 1931 Medal for the ‘Balham 100’ Team Race

We’ve just acquired a medal for the 1931 Balham 100 Team Race, our first from the competition. It was won by either AH Howard, T Titterington or JW Egan of the Unity CC team.

The ‘Balham 100’ was an integral part of the cycling season from 1924 until well into the 1950s (exact date unknown). It was unique in that it was aimed at up-and-coming riders and those who had no chance of getting into one of the top Open 100s. As well as the individual event it also had a team race.

The medal is .925 sterling silver and was made in Birmingham in 1931 (identified by the Anchor, Lion Passant and the letter G).

The makers were Denton & Down, a silversmiths and medallists trading approximately from 1920 until the 1940s. They were based at 22 Ely Place, Holborn.

Advert for Denton & Down from the 1932 Handbook


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