MEMORABILIA: Programme reveals stellar roll of honour for Balham CC promoted London championship

A newly acquired programme for the 1952 London Centre 25 mile tandem-paced championship reveals a stellar cast of previous winners.

Olympians Frank Southall (1929-1932), Alick Bevan (193) and Bill Messer (1937) all won and got their hands on the Fleming Trophy and as the programme highlights, the list of those who competed and didn’t win including Ernie Johnson, is also impressive.


The club launched a 25 mile tandem-paced event in 1925, and it was soon officially recognised and became the NCU (London Centre) 25 mile Tandem-Paced Championship. Hosted at Herne Hill Velodrome, records found to date show it was held until at least 1958 with a five year hiatus because of WW2.

The 22nd event was held on Wednesday 28th May 1952 and was won for the fourth consecutive year by R Waters from the South London Road Club. First to third received gold, silver and bronze N.C.U. medals while pacers of the winner received £1 per tandem.

Other events were the Addiscombe CC 5 mile club championship and the London Centre pursuit championship over 4000metres.

Check out Frank Southall’s winning medal from 1929 and a poster for the 1932 event in previous blogs.

Denton and Down (the advertising medal makers) and Claud Butler (BCC member and bike manufacturer) are also covered in previous blogs





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